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Buck On Stage at The Chicken Ranch


Yes, that IS a SpongeBob Ukulele, and yes, that IS a rubber chicken. Not taking myself too seriously! As Program Director, Membership Coordinator, and DJ for live shows, there's never a dull moment. I'm inspired by the greats - Walter Winchell, Walter Cronkite, Jim Dunbar, Alex Bennett, Big Rick Stuart, and Cole Williams. I enjoy talking to total strangers, so give me a call with your request. If I have it, I'll play it. (408) 675-5392

David Stolowitz was medically and psychologically experimented on throughout his youth, so he sometimes refers to himself in the third person. He DJs every Sunday from 9-11 am and gives an update on Bay Area Comedy Showcases live on Facebook at 10 am. He hosts open mic standup comedy at Lilly Mac's at 187 South Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale the 3rd Monday of the month at 9 pm with veteran improv performer Dena Ware, who was also nice enough to buy him free drinks and give him a job.

He also hosted two shows at MutinyRadio.fm in San Francisco -- Occult Oubliette and Getting Sketchy -- and still edits their website, because it gives him a feeling of power and control that is sorely lacking in his life. He is an open mic hound, and thus does his best to maintain the BACN Open Mic Calendar so that comedians will always have new venues to complain about. You can check out his work at stolowitz.wordpress.com and view his dank stash of memes at www.facebook.com/fireborn7